Whats In Our Candles

What's in our candles

What's in our candles?

100% Beeswax

Not every candle brand will tell you what’s in their candles. Ask and you’ll usually hear ‘natural waxes’, ‘vegetable waxes’ or ‘a blend of natural waxes.’

We’ll tell you exactly what’s in our candles.  We use 100% Beeswax.  No blends, no compromises, no bleach, no palm wax, no paraffin, no soy, no parabens.  Just beeswax – the only wax that doesn’t cost the Earth.

Why beeswax?

We love it because it’s an entirely natural wax made by bees as part of their honey-making process. It’s the only eco-friendly wax there is. No rainforests are cut down to make beeswax, no animal habitats are destroyed, and no chemical processing is involved.  It’s simply the purest wax in existence.

Beeswax has been recognized around the world for centuries as the best wax for making candles. That’s because it melts at a higher temperature, meaning it burns for up to 40% longer than other waxes. It also burns brighter than other waxes and has a natural golden glow while burning.

A pure and natural ingredient, beeswax never expires.


We make unscented 100% Beeswax Prima Lux candles and we also have a wide range of scented candles.

Our scents are unique to us. They are based on our own formulations and made specially for us by a leading French scent company using high-grade ingredients that diffuse and linger in the air.


The wooden wicks in our jar candles are made from 100% FSC-certified sustainable wood from forests in the US.  The wicks make a gently crackling sound when burning and create a bright, even glow.

Our votive candles are finished with a natural cotton wick.


Each of our jar and votive candles is wrapped in a unique hand-painted design created for us by carefully chosen local designers who are based in Asia. Each design relates to the story or scent of the candle. We print the designs on craft paper to show off the colours to best effect, or on transparent paper to allow the natural golden glow of beeswax to shine through the design, creating a special luminous effect.

Made by hand

All our candles are made by hand by us in Hong Kong, using traditional candle-making techniques. That allows us to check each one for quality and ensure your candle burns beautifully.


We are committed to eco-friendly packaging. Our new jars are made from 100% recycled glass. . If you’re in Hong Kong, you can bring back your cleaned jar for us to re-use. We pay HK$5 for each one. Our jar candles are packaged in 100% recyclable cardboard boxes with no plastic.  Our wooden wicks are from FSC-certified 100% sustainable forests. Our bags are made of 100% recyclable paper.

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